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Central to increasing biking infrastructure is the addition of bike lanes throughout the city.

Protected Bike Lanes

Protected Bike Lanes use physical barriers between bike riders and traffic.  This gives people on bikes a feeling of safety when they are on a busy street.  These lanes use curbs, planters, parked cars and plastic posts to separate bicycle traffic from sidewalks and auto traffic. They can be designed to accommodate one-way or two-way traffic. These bike lanes make riding a bike appealing to everyone including the young and new riders.

see America’s 10 Best Protected Bike Lanes of 2013 (People For Bikes) for some great examples

Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business (PDF)
How 21st Century Transportation Networks Help New Urban Economies Boom
A report from PeopleForBikes and Alliance for Biking & Walking


Protected Bike Lanes Chicago


(photo: Steven Vance)

Indianapolis Cultural Trail


10th Street, Atlanta

d785e498ed9e2c219a_9fm6bhnwiPhoto: Atlanta Office of Planning.

Traditional Bike Lane

When building traditional bike lanes, making them a different color can make a big difference in visibility. 800px-Bleecker_Abingdon_jeh

Multi-Use Path

In some places an off the street multi-use path is an important addition to make a street complete.


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