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Civic and Political

Volunteer Now

Want to volunteer for any of these projects? Send us a quick note and we’ll help you get started.

  • Bicycle Government Liaison Coordinator
  • Police/Sheriff Department Liaison Coordinator
  • Crepe Myrtle Trail Coordinator
  • Jubilee (I-10 Bridge) Bicycle & Pedestrian Path
  • 3 Mile Creek Bike/Ped Paths
  • Montlimar Creek Bike/Ped Paths
  • Rails to Trails (Mobile to Citronelle)
  • Team Share The Road (Board & Member Volunteers)
  • Safe Routes To Schools
  • Downtown Bike Parking
  • New Business Bike Parking
  • Bike Racks/Repair Stations
  • State Bicycle Route (Southern Portion)
  • Mayoral Ride May 2014
  • Destination 2040 ( Long Range Transportation Planning )
  • The WAVE Transit Development Plan
  • Bike Share
  • Bicycle Road Signage
  • Indigent Bicycle Clinics
  • Indigent Bicycle Light Program
  • Delta Bike Project
  • Children’s Bicycle Helmet Program
  • Midtown Bicycle Route
  • Crepe Myrtle Trail (Down By The Bay Bicycle/Pedestrian Path-Western Shore)
  • Bioswales (Improved Environmental Drainage along Roads & Bicycle Paths)
  • Mountain Bike Path County Coordinator
  • Grant Writing/Facilitating

Delta Bike Project

  • Bicycle Mechanic Mentoring
  • Grant Writing
  • Admin and support

Bicycling in Mobile

BicycleMobile.org is a an advocacy website devoted to every aspect of bicycling in Mobile, AL. We have lists of group rides, information about bike shops and a list of key issues for advocacy and infrastructure.