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I am [from] Mobile and I ride a bike. I am one of the thousands of people in Mobile who use a bicycle. We represent the full diversity of people who call the Azalea City home. We are your family members and your neighbors. We are teaching your children and attending to the sick of our community. We are college students, business owners and your local baristas. You see us riding to work, to a friend’s house, or for exercise. You know us; we ride bikes. See our faces, know our names, join us for a ride.

The idea and purpose of the “I am Mobile, I Ride a Bike” posters is to increase the awareness that bicyclists share our city and share our roads. Our goal is to make Mobile a safer place for bicyclists through a better understanding that people in Mobile who ride bikes are as diverse as the reasons we choose to ride.

Photography: Lew Thomas, Stephanie Gillis, Catherine Tindall, Frank Lee Roberts, Joelle Rosen and Walter Beckham. Design: Todd Duren.

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