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PED/BIKE access on proposed I-10 Bridge

Cooper-River-BridgeAdding pedestrian and bike infrastructure to the proposed I-10 bridge has many advantages to the community. Considering Alabama is ranked 49th in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and Mobile is ranked 4th in the country in obesity, this community needs health and quality of life related opportunities. Find out more how including bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure can make a substantial difference in our quality of life. I-10 Bridge – Petition

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Midtown Bike Route Improvements

midtown-routeThe Midtown Bike Route runs from downtown to Springdale Blvd near I-65 through neighborhoods between Dauphin St and Airport Blvd/Government St.  The route, however, is poorly marked and has missing directional signs and awareness signs. Also, many of the roads on the route are in dire need of new pavement. (Map of Bike Route)


Bike Parking Downtown

Downtown has a lack of bicycle parking.  While it is true that bikes can be locked to any light pole or column, this is far from ideal.  Designated bicycle racks provide a clear place for people to park, but they also are designed so that bikes stand upright and are less likely to fall when locked.  Appropriately placed bike racks in front of restaurants, bars and coffee shops encourage the use of cycling to go short distances, people who chose to bike downtown instead of driving will help alleviate parking shortages.

Full Use of Road signage along midtown/downtown streets


Team Share the Road as a 501c3 is accepting donations to pay for signs to be put up on Old Shell Rd and Schillinger Rd.  They are working with the City of Mobile Traffic and Engineering to have the signs installed.



Montlimar Creek Trail

montlimar-creek-trail While one section of the Montlimar Creek Trail exists (from Airport Blvd. to Pleasant Valley Rd.), the trail needs to be extended to form a north/south off-road transportation corridor.  This project can be done in phases.  The next phase would be a section between Airport Blvd. and Dauphin St.




3-Mile Creek Greenway

three-mile-creek-greenwayThree Mile Creek provides an extraordinary opportunity for Mobile and Prichard, AL to turn what is now a community liability due to its degraded condition, into a community resource similar to “river walks” in other cites
Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and its partners are writing a Watershed Management Plan for Three Mile Creek which runs through the cities of Mobile and Prichard, Alabama. Pedestrian/Bicycle paths along this greenway would be a great asset connecting Spring Hill and University of South Alabama to midtown and Downtown off of busy highways and streets.

Crepe Myrtle Trail (along water in front of Brookley)

crepe-myrtle-trailSpearheaded by Mobile United, this proposed greenway and bicycle trail would connect downtown with property now vacant along the bay just east of Brookley Field.

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Rails to Trail to Citronelle, AL

rails-to-trailsAn abandoned railway track going through Citronelle, AL is a fantastic candidate for the Rails to Trails program that converts old railways into bicycle and pedestrian trails for transportation and recreation. 2 miles of this trail has been completed to date, but with additional funding many more mile can be added.


First Annual Mayoral Bike Ride (sponsored by Team Share the Road)

People of all Mobile’s communities (One Mobile) are invited to get in the mood for riding bike during National Bike Month. The First Annual Mayoral Bike Ride sponsored by Team Share the Road will be held in May 2014.  The Bike Ride open to all levels and ages.

Bike Lanes down Dauphin St and Virginia St

As bicycle usage increases in the city, the need for bike lanes has increased.  Two proposed routes for bike lanes along Dauphin and Virginia street would provide easy east-west access for cyclists crossing the city.


Dangerous Intersections for Cyclists & Pedestrians

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